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Born on February 13, 1973 in Apopka, Florida with a chip on my shoulder and songs in my heart, I quickly found that I had a gift for expressing myself through words and ultimately through music. With a name like Rowdy Johnson, it’s only fitting that I do what I do and yes, it is my real name. After serving in the United States Navy, I soon found myself out West in Arizona where it all began. But growing up down South with the sounds of so many greats such as Alabama, Bocephus, Marshall Tucker Band, Skynyrd, Cash & ultimately Waylon Jennings among countless others, it was easy to find inspiration and a sense of freedom in music. Never bowing to labels and the desire to blaze my own path has allowed me to take all my influences and roll them into what Rowdy Johnson music is all about. It’s complete musical freedom to do what feels good and to write songs I feel and can relate to directly. In doing that, listeners will be able to get to know me personally and that is important to me. It’s the love of the fans that drive me to push myself farther than I ever thought possible. I’m a fan myself and I never want to lose that.

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